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Dawn of Defiance Episode IV: Echoes of the JediEncounter Scene: The Spelljammer outside the engine room.

Synopsis: Tor enters the cave…

Live play begins…

* Tor continues to cut through the Spelljammer’s blast door to the engine room.
* Shadows begin to fill the area around Tor obscuring his vision.
* A tall figure emerges from the shadows, a Sith wearing battle armor handling a holocron!
* An evil spirit emanates from the holocron and advises the Sith.
* Tor responds with a martial attack with an ignited lightsaber.
* “To die young is foolish…”
* A metaphysical force battle ensues…but ends in a stalemate.
* “I have studied you and I have found nothing but weakness!”
* The clash of lightsabers begins!
* “Force Disciple, FTW!” – Tony
* The two combatants argue with each other over ‘absolutes’.
* Garrett draws the ‘Severed Hand’ Critical Hit Deck card.
* Tor continues his lightsaber defense against the powerful Sith and his Holocron Spirit master.
* Tor attempts to show him the ‘light’.
* Tor disarms the Sith! He destroys the dark blade!
* The Sith retreats and switches to ranged combat all the while taunting the Jedi Master.
* Tor forces the Stih warrior against the door to the command deck on the Spelljammer then stuns the Sith into unconsciousness.
* The holocron reveals himself to Tor…and a dark vision of things yet to come…
* Tor destroys the object of his desire in response.
* “Tell daddy we’re waiting for him.”
* “I’ll take you away from Draco!”
* Tor finds himself in a battle with young dark side apprentices.
* Tor experiences the same final vision which Kelyn had shortly after his confrontation with the inquisitor.

The Debrief

Garrett and Tor discusses what adventures are up and coming.
Will the party be split?
How to personalize Barris’ encounter with Cad Bane.



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