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Threats From Gallifrey takes a look at adding comedy to your rpg campaign. Appropriately, we chat with fantasy rpg parody game designer Javier Palenzuela, whose “Beasties and Bygones” game is now on Kickstarter.

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Bucho’s House of Hazards

Bu’Cho’s Volcanic Base

Whatever plans the PCs use to infiltrate Bu’Cho’s base, Patches and Bu’Cho lets the PCs think they’re successfully sneaking into the base. They want the PCs on their home turf so they can be slaughtered.

Bu’Cho’s Lair is built into the side of the caldera of Mt Deldarca. It relies on the volcano’s emissions to provide its power and hide incoming/outgoing traffic.

Mount Deldarca is an enormous volcano over 600km wide at its base. Its caldera is nearly 100km wide with many craters. The volcano is currently in a dormant state. However, due to the volcano’s enormity, the volcano’s minimal activity still produces massive amounts of heat and gasses, though molten lava has not been observed for many decades.

The volcano could increase its activity at any time, though such a watch is maintained for geological events. Such events are usually groundquakes, gas venting and minor eruptions. Groundquakes can cause major damage, though so far the damage has been limited to a few minor injuries and some “redistribution” of unsecured items. Poisonous, superheated gas venting is unpredictable, though sensors may give up to two minutes warning before the fumes enter the base. This is usually enough time to close the base’s airtight shield doors. All personnel are required to carry breath masks in case of door failure.

There is a missile launcher (+16 to hit anything huge or larger, 9d10x2 damage) mounted on the lip of the caldera. There are also two double laser cannons (+14 to hit anything huge or bigger, 4d10x2 damage) built into the caldera’s walls

Near the entry chute, build into the caldera’s wall, there’s a venting chute large enough for a snub fighter to fly through… but not turn around in. This connects to the power plant area, built over a pit that leads into the magma far below.


The PCs probably arrive in the hangar. It can hold several freighters or up to a squadron of fighters. Currently, there are several YT1300s and Y-Wings. Work areas line the back wall. The chamber is equipped with a magnetic field door to prevent harmful gasses from entering the base. The hangar is empty except for 3 R2 units, prepping ships. All staff has fallen back to defend the base.

There is a large bridge toward the magma, leading for Bu’Cho’s mansion. Play up the agoraphobia of the large open area, the huge drop down. Use Maps of Mastery’s chasm bridge, and make the PCs walk across, expecting something to happen. Nothing does. Well, roll a d20 and sigh, then say a huge gust of boiling air shot up, but nowhere near the bridge. Then, let the players seat the rest of the crossing.

Bu’Cho’s Gaudy Hallway

The doors to Bu’Cho’s lair are wide open. The PCs are encouraged to proceed. After a small patio, the bridge over the lava pit continues. Once inside the hacienda-style structure, there are narrow paths along the ledges leading left and right. These go past the lava pit all the way to the center of the structure, where the pit ends. Halfway across the pit, a smaller bridge leads back toward the center bridge. Halfway across this bridge, there is a 90 degree turn, leading past the lava pit. These twisting sections of bridge are electrified.

Electric Floor cl14:

Anyone who starts his turn on an electrified floor triggers the hazard.

Hazard: +16 vs Fort, Miss half damage, 3d10 damage

Perception check to notice the mesh: DC 15
Perception check to find the trigger (proximity sensor): DC 25
Perception check to find the trigger (pressure detector): DC 20
Mechanics check to disable the trigger (both triggers): DC 20

In the center of the part of the room not over the lava, there’s a huge piece of modern art that twists and winds its way up almost to the ceiling of the three story hacienda. On the 3rd round of combat between the goons and PCs, the art piece activates into the Disco Ball of Death.

Disco Ball of Death CL 14

Strategically placed cutting lasers sweep back and forth in a complex grid pattern, causing a threat to anybody in one of the target squares.

Atk: +16 vs Reflex and for every two points the attack roll beats your Ref defense, you take an additional d4 of damage.

This trap usually affects most of the encounter area, except for a line of safe travel known only to whoever set the trap. Characters may take a standard action to make a Perception check and figure out the safe zone.

120hp dr10 sr5 ref 8


Knowledge: tactics: cl 14 hard to see path, but half movement

Four large statues surround the art piece. The ones furthest from the lava shoot poison darts. The ones closest to the lava contain flame throwers.

Dart Statues of Doom

Atk +16 vs Reflex, 1d8 damage and poison makes attack

Trauger poison: +16 attack: hit- 5d6 damage and -1 on condition track, on miss half damage

Flame Throwing Statues

+16 vs Reflex in 6 square cone. Damage: 3d6 damage on a hit, half damage on a miss. Plus, hit targets are on fire.

Along the wall furthest from the entrance, there’s a grand staircase, leading up to a balcony that wraps around the entire hacienda… not over the lava. There is a closed door at the top of the stairway that leads to a hallway.

It is a CL 14 Skill Challenge Comp 1 to open that door. There is a Recovery Challenge Effect.

Mechanics: hard, Knowledge: technology: moderate, use computer moderate

At the end of the center bridge over the lava, there’s an area rug that hides the double pit trap.

Double Pit Trap:

A low-roof pit trap (DC 20 Acrobatics check to avoid, 10 sq deep + spikes; 5d6 falling damage, Spikes (+10 to hit, 2d6 damage). The trap has a latter for climbing out on one side of it. However, one the rungs of the latter is a switch that opens up ports on the walls that covers them with exceptionally slippery gel. After this the rings pull back into the wall. A character trained in the Climb skill can make DC 35 Climb check to climb out before the ladder is no longer usable.
The bottom opens up to a deeper pit of undisturbed water (normal falling damage. Characters may make an Acrobatics check (DC 20) to reduce the damage to Half/None, representing tossing something or getting into a pose that disrupts the water face before your full body comes into contact with the surface).
Now they are 60 meters underneath the floor. Seven squares of it is water, 7 squares is in the lower part, 7 squares is the upper pit with slime covered walls.
In some variants the floor that opened up close overhead so it’s completely dark and closed off in addition to being a drowning hazard and a nigh impossible Climb check.
Perception check to notice the trap: DC 20
Perception check to find the trigger: DC 28
Mechanics check to disable the trigger: DC 35
Mechanics check to reset the trap to help an ally out: DC 30

Just past the lava, along the right wall, there is a piece of odd stained glass art. It covers a window, behind which is poisonous gas. Bu’Cho’s agents trigger the hazard, once the PCs get near the end of the lava bridge.

Atk +16 vs Reflex, 1d8 damage plus poison attack

Null Gas: +14 vs Fort, 3d10 damage and neutralizes oxygen. After 10 rounds, all oxygen-breathers begin to suffocate. See pg 253 Core book for details on suffocation.

Ref 8 40hp dr 5 (device is 15 ref 20 hp)

Once the PCs reach the edge of the bridge over the lava, 10 Black Sun goons (CL2) swarm down the main stairway. 3 Black Sun Pirates (CL6) snipe from the balcony. They wear gas masks.



Death to Wyrmspeakers

Last week, I posted the Diderius’s Tomb map for the Death to Wyrmspeakers section of Rise of Tiamat. Well, this week I wrap up my tenure as DM for the Tyranny of Dragons Encounters series… and I need to make sure the group gets through Ss’t c k ’a l in one night.


So, the Yuan-ti city’s been scaled back, and I’ll run the whole thing as a single running battle. By looking at the room descriptions of Ss’t c k ’a l, you shouldn’t have any problem determining what changes were made, and where the rooms I moved around have been placed. Yuan-ti urban planning, yo.


One last note… the temple in the bottom left corner is not my work but the creation of Bogie at Dundjinni. Why reinvent the wheel when you have something as masterful as this at your fingertips?

Yuan ti city

Threats From Gallifrey Like a Rolling Stone

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Threats From Gallifrey celebrates the Deadlands: Between A Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter by chatting with John “Night Train” Goff. Plus, Savage Tim starts his East Texas University campaign… and more developments on the Deadlands Rampage delve.

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